Hello. I have a serious condition and it actually have been happening for I think up to 4 years now. My hair falls started as minor, and I thought using hair fall shampoo and conditioner and some hair fall serum will eventually make my hair better. I waited, but I thought wrong.

Now it’s getting worse. My hair is too thin. I can see my scalp on certain areas and it’s always very itchy. When I shower and comb my hair, it falls. When I sleep and wake up the next day, it’s everywhere on my pillow and the bed (where my head is/was). I bought a cheap voucher on Faves (previously Groupon) and went to a hair salon and did treatment for strengthening my hair but apparently it did not work! I’m having financial issues so no I cannot go to hair therapies/hair experts for analysis or treatments. I need an advice on what to do the natural way, that doesn’t involve too much money. Please help! I have been staying at home for a very long time because I’m so ashamed of leaving home with my hair so thin, making me look so old. I have 2 children and I definitely do not want to lock myself forever at home.

Possible causes of my hair fall:-

1) Stress. Marital issues.

2) Sleeping late at night like 4am, waking up in the morning and feeling tired again. So I’ll sleep again in the afternoon like 3-4hours, whenever possible.

3) Lack of fruits or vitamins. I do eat fish and vegetables though.

These possibilities stated are based on what I think may cause the hair falling but I’m not sure exactly what. I look forward to any advice, and I’d like to say Thank You in advanced to whomever that have read my post and is willing to share some thoughts 🙂