Hi Doctors!

I am currently in a limbo as to whether i should stick to my current doctor from an aesthetic clinic or seek treatment from dermatologist in NSC.

Backstory: I’ve been with this aesthetic clinic for several years now and my main issue is with acne, nothing severe but I wanted to have clear skin so i have been seeking treatment. Initially I got started on Isotretinoin 20mg 5/7 for quite a long period of time (2 year~) and when the doctor finally started tapering my dose, he also left the clinic which left me to abruptly stop the treatment on my own (which i probably shouldnt have). So i got switched to another doctor and i’ve been on spironolactone for approximately 1-1.5 years (albeit rather non-compliant) but not much of an improvement and i was thinking of getting started on Isotretinoin.

When i asked my current doctor about looking for more permanent solution to acne, he told me that there are no permanent solutions to that (i understand that there are no guarantees with ANY treatments as it depends on how individuals respond to the treatment) but that made me hesitate if i should continue going back to seek treatment since i’ve been with them for quite sometime.

For NSC, I managed to speak to a senior consultant (not a consultation session but a quick chat during my dad’s appointment) he mentioned that if i were to go to the polyclinic to get a referral the doctors in the subsidized clinic wouldn’t consider my case serious enough to be started on Isotretinoin which means i’d probably have to go in as a private patient and that means that consultation fees would be on the pricier side (for a student with no income). However, if i do seek treatment at NSC it would seem that medication wise would be cheaper as compared to the aesthetic clinic that i have been going to (generic vs branded drug).

To sum it up:

Aesthetic clinic:

  1. Cheaper consultation fees (as compared to NSC with a dermatologist)
  2. Pricier medications cause they use branded drugs
  3. Slightly unsure if i should stick with the doctor as i’m not very satisfied with his explanations


  1. Double the cost of consultation fees of my current clinic
  2. Cheaper drugs since they use generic drugs
  3. If i go with subsidized clinic i wouldn’t have the same doctor review my case and if i go as a private patient the cost would be quite a lot (assuming that i’d have to go back for review monthly?)

Really sorry for my long grandmother story but i’d really like to seek some advice from other doctors before deciding if i should switch doctor or go to nsc (i have been having a debate mentally for quite awhile now)

Thank you! (finally reached end of my endless rambles)