I broke my fifth metatarsal about 2 weeks ago (11/11/2017) and wore a plaster cast for 2 days before changing into an air boot. I’m allowed to bear weight on my heel according to the doctor. The swelling and bruising of my foot has come down pretty much and the fracture has been painless (except the first 2 days of fracture). I read that fifth metatarsal fractures can take a very long time to heal and are quite complicated as compared to other types of fractures. Also, I have read about the risk of getting blood clots from long haul flights. I’m travelling to Europe for a month for a family trip on 10/12/2017 and I would like to ask if it’s advisable to do so? When I went for my first consultation with the orthopaedist, he said it wasn’t a bad fracture so is it possible that my fracture would have healed before my trip and I would be allowed to weight bear on my foot before my trip? And does age and nutrition plays a factor in the speed of bone healing? I’m a female about to turn 21 in December and I have been eating lots of food high in calcium, protein and vitamins in hopes to speed up the healing process.