I understand this is a legal grey area that many Drs don’t wish to get involved in, but I was hoping I could get some insight/perspective. Long story short, I had recurrent seizures (grand mal) due to negative side effects of a drug. MRI/CT/EEG all show no abnormalities, and ever since I have stopped the drug April 2017, I have not had anymore seizures. However, as I was hospitalised before, I have been discharged under the care of a neurologist in a certain hospital, and he has advised that I will not be able to drive until I have been seizure-free for 2 years.

I have heard from someone else that the timeframe is only 1 year to get clearance, and I’m kind of stuck in a sticky situation now. My next TCU with the neurologist is only in Dec 2018, but I am hoping to get back to driving ASAP. What is my next best course of action, given that in April I will be 1 year seizure-free? Thank you very much!