Hi doctors! First, thanks for setting up this platform for us to ask our questions!

Quick intro, I’m 20 this year and am very active in sports. I’ve always had joint hypermobility (9/9 Beighton score), but in the past 3-4 years I’ve been battling chronic joint pain and instability, despite intense PT sessions and strengthening. Many PTs have also commented on my incredibly slow rate of healing, and I was wondering if there could be some underlying systemic issue causing all my symptoms.

I’ve seen multiple sports doctors for my injuries, but my injuries are typically treated in isolation. I was thinking of seeing a specialist to bring up my concerns, but wasn’t sure what specialty I should be turning towards. A pain specialist (most of them seem to be anaesthesiologists)? Rheumatologist? Sports doctor? Would love to hear your input and advice. Thank you!