Hi doctors,

I was prescribed 10mg of acnotin thrice a week, then lowered to twice a week a few months after my acne went down. Total time on course was around 9 months.

Some time later, my acne came back and I went back to the same GP to get acnotin. Was recommended the same dosage. Have been on it for 2 months thus far and my acne has gone down, with little to zero new acne.

I did some research and found out there’s a recommended cumulative dosage, and it seems like my low dosage course falls way below the recommended total cumulative dosage, which increases the chance of a relapse. (I am 43kg if it helps in the calculation). What is the next best option I can take? Continue taking my prescribed isotretinoin or go to another doctor and start myself on a higher dose of isotretinoin? I am afraid that my acne will come back after I stop taking isotretinoin.

Also, I will be having lasik but my lasik doctor has not told me that I’m unsuitable even though I have declared that I am on acnotin. Have also researched that I should only do lasik 6 months after completing isotretinoin course. Should I wait?

Thanks for the help!