Hi doctors, I am considering going for corneal collagen cross link with my LASIK or Relex Smile procedure (still undecided which procedure to choose). Cost is not a concern.

During an eye screening for LASIK earlier this year, I was told that I do not need collagen cross link as my cornea is above average thickness, but I’m still paranoid about thinning of my cornea/keratoconus/corneal ectasia as previously an NUH eye doctor had said my eyeball was elongated, so I was at greater risk for the condition.

So despite my recent normal LASIK eye screening, I still feel that I may be at risk for corneal thinning especially as I have allergies, and like to rub my eyes. I have also read that LASIK weakens the cornea about 20 – 40%, so preventative corneal collagen cross link may help to prevent further corneal thinning, and also prevent regression after LASIK.

In a normal person, does collagen cross linking with LASIK or Relex Smile confer any additional benefits (protective, preventative or otherwise) to my cornea in preventing corneal thinning? Is there a chance that it will improve refractive outcomes, and prevent regression?

Are there any downsides to collagen cross linking in someone who technically doesn’t need it? Really appreciate your advice 🙂