Tessa (anonymous) DxD deleted answer

Hi doctor, hope you are doing well! Since a week back, I had experienced severe toothache around my lower right region. I went to a Neighbourhood Dentist and told her the problem. As I was on painkillers, I was not able to identify the actual tooth in pain. However, I related to the Dentist about my visit to another Dentist 2 years ago, who told me that I probably needed a root canal if I felt pain after the filling. The Dentist told me that she didn’t know what was wrong and didn’t think that was the tooth causing the problem, but redid a temporary filling for the tooth anyway. 2 days after the filling was done, the pain was even worst than before. While on painkillers, I prodded the tooth and it hurts very much upon touch. Sometimes, the pain is still there even after I had painkillers. I’m afraid to go back to That Dentist. Based on my symptoms, do you think I need a root canal? Can I also please seek your recommendations on good Dentist I can visit? Thanks for your time and help! 🙂