Dear Doctors,

Since young, I have been suffering from extremely dry skin on my legs, thighs, hips area. No matter how much lotion or body cream I use (from Vaseline, QV, St. Ives.. almost all kinds), nothing seems to work for me. At times when the weather is cold/dry, it flakes, cracks and starts to itch like crazy. When I travel to winter countries, I get some sort of ‘winter rash’ (i assume), where it flakes and the “cracks” turns reddish and it looks like it’s bleeding underneath my skin.

Also, there are many tiny red/skin colored bumps. Some are ingrowth hair (but I do not shave or wax my legs) and some are just..bumps that I can’t get rid of.

Can someone please tell me what is this, what should I do or what kind of moisturizer can I use? It’s really bothering me a lot and I’m only in my mid-20s.

PS: I’ve attached some photos of my legs below for your reference. As you can see, some parts are still a bit flaky. And FYI, this condition is considered one of my better days..Appreciate it! Thanks!