I have been suffering from back acne for more than 6 years now. The acne usually develops when I perspire and it itches. I have seen countless derms and have been given topical Differin and Clindamycin 1% as well as oral Doxy and Tetracyclin. It never really goes away- after one acne heals, a new one pops up. I have even went for laser procedures done by an aesthetic doctor but it keeps coming back. Just recently, a family GP told me that it might actually be fungal acne since I do not get ANY acne on my chest and face (except when I have my period). I was prescribed with Clotrimazole topical but the results were the same- just as one acne heals, a few others pop out.

So what exactly am I suffering from and what should I do? 🙁 Will Zinc Pyrithione soap bar help?

Thanks in advance for the help!