Dear Doctors,

I’m 23 this year, male. Have been having real bad hair fall since age 20-21 years old. Red patches of the scalp can be seen, scalp itch from time to time. Hair/Scalp smells sour/bad easily after bath. Tried out different shampoo including hairloss shampoo from Silkpro and Klorane but nothing worked. Went to seek help at NSC, was told to have Genetic hair loss. Was given Minoxidil 2% to try out and given Minoxidil 5% on a later date. Yet, condition did not improve at all. Have stop using minoxidil for about 1 year now, as it does no effect/changes. Hair still falling, scalp still having red patches, still itch from time to time, still does smell sour/bad easily after bath. what could my condition be? Is it really Genetic hair loss?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,