Usually I pick on my pimple and it would have a scar and be gone. But this one on my forehead stays inflamed and never goes away. Here’s a picture of it, after I’ve picked it. It seems to be my inner skin layer being inflamed, and in red/purple-ish colour. When I don’t pick it, it has a layer of dead skin on it – like the corners of the pimple in the picture, like a scab.

I don’t know if it has turned into a mole? Because I’ve searched online, and it says pimples can’t turn into moles.

I’ve tried putting pimple cream I usually use, and anti-bacterial swabs on it. This does seem to lessen the inflammation.

I just want to know how to cure it. It’s making me insecure because it’s at the middle of my face, and I couldn’t cover the bump and the discolouration with makeup.