Around Oct 16, 2107, I went to a doctor for itching on both arms, chest and groin area. Doctor prescribed Dhasolone 5mg tablet 2 tabs/day for 4 days (total 20 mg per day), adezio 10mg 1 tab morning for 4 days, antamin 4mg night for 3 days. Each day while taking these medications, early morning experienced hives-like looking rash ( not itchy) on stomach, arms, legs, hands

After 4 days, I stopped medication and no more hives-like looking rash. After around a week of stopping the medication, experienced hand numbing/tingling, on occasions more thirsty and hungry, dizziness on some days, sensitive skin, localized muscle pain that last less than 1 day .  Maybe around more than a month after stopping the medication,some mild/tolerable vein pain in both hands that come and go (not occuring at same time), mild vein pain in back of head (less occurence than the hand), mild vein pain around the ankle

Is this caused by withdrawal symptoms? If yes or even no, how should i deal with it or which appropriate specialist doctor should i consult? Will this go away maybe after maybe 90 days without taking any medications?