Hi doctors, thanks so much for this QnA – I have learnt a lot from browsing it, and really love how it is a neutral site so I can trust the opinions provided here!

2 of my wisdom teeth at the bottom are impacted and growing below the gum, but they are not causing me any pain.

Different dentists have told me different things – some tell me I need to take it out ASAP, others say I do not need to remove them, unless they are causing me problems. The ones who told me to remove them tell me things like they will grow into the neighbouring teeth, can cause cavity and infections, will affect the alignment of my teeth, etc.

The first dentist I went to who told me to remove them was close to 10 years ago now, but I have not had any problems since then. Yet recently during a check up, another dentist told me I should remove them again.

How will I know when I DO actually have to remove them, and what’s the different between removing now or later on when it’s actually causing problems? It’s very confusing when different doctors tell me different things, and I don’t know if the ones who told me to take them out now just want to do an additional procedure to bill me for. Thank you.