I’m scheduled to have LASIK performed in a week and am now wondering if I need to be re-evaluated before surgery? In the initial evaluation, I was asked if I wore soft contact lenses and I said yes, but I neglected to tell the appointment person the brand and the type: SoftLens by Bausch and Lomb (one of them is Toric). I then was advised to stop wearing contacts 1 week before the evaluation which I had done a few weeks ago.

I have since discovered the recommendations for these timelines vary among doctors (most recommend at least 2-3 weeks of non-wear for Toric lenses), but according to the FDA (which I imagine I can trust), it is advisable to stop wearing “toric soft lenses at least 3 weeks before the initial exam.” I am now wondering if my initial exam results are invalid and if I should postpone surgery in favor of another evaluation to obtain “more accurate results” or does the 1-2 week difference not really matter? I am going to try to see about contacting the ophthalmologist about this but this could be a delicate conversation to have with her.