So on the day my left cheek developed a rough red patch which was about 2 weeks ago, I was fatigued and had a headache, mainly from my period and also the heat.

A day later, I noticed red spots on my legs. Thought they were bug bites so I ignored them but they started spreading till my chest, stomach and back was covered with them. My arms also had some but they were focused on mainly the aforementioned areas.

The spots were also itchy and 2 days ago, they also developed on my neck and jaw area. My face went from smooth texture to bumpy texture quickly. Also, a day before the red rash  on my left cheek appeared, my fungal infection from a few months ago also recurred. There were a few spots on my face around the nose and eye area that were rough and flaky from fungal infection.

I went to a doctor last Friday and now my fungal infection has cleared up but the bumpy red spots on my face are still there.

Some of the red spots on my body have also become flaky but overall, the spots show no sign of disappearing could it be pityriasis rosea?

Could the cheek patch have been a herald patch and if so, how long would the infection take to clear up? I’ve also been putting on steroid lotion (desowen) and taking xyzal pills.