In the recent 1-2 months I have realised accelerated hair loss in the temple region, light sweeping motion during shampoo will cause about 30 strands to fall out, localised mainly to the frontal region. My hair appears to be less dense, each strand is comparatively thinner in these regions (looks like miniaturization ), the hairline is also slightly receded compared to old photos. Prior to this 2 months I have been losing hair when I am styling my hair, but I was not to concerned back then, probably because did not scrutinise my scalp/hairline, like I am doing now.

I DO NOT have any pattern hair loss family history from both paternal and maternal side. My dad has a M-shaped hairline which is stable. Similarly I have inherited the M shaped hairline since young.

I went through a GA keyhole surgery in late June this year so I am not sure if the hair loss could be stress related.

I had a habit of sweeping my fringe up and tying it tight under the clinical cap for about 2 years. A habit which I have since changed 2 months  ago.

I am not sure how time sensitive is it to start any treatment for MPB, especially since I seem to have some confounding variables? Is it worth waiting out?