Hi. This might be of an odd place to ask such a question but I wanted to see if you may have a differing opinion even tho i feel that the answer is already given to me.

I’ve been diagnosed with IGA Nephritis for the last 21 years and have been keeping with medication, strict diet (no salts, red meat etc). I’m quite an active person, having done alot of swimming in the past and in recent years, I’ve taken up running and in the last 2 years or so, I’ve started triathlons.

I’m seeing a nephrologist at a hospital here and his advice has always been – dont over do it, drink alot of water and just plain water only. He knows about my exercise regime but I dont think he fully understands the extent of e.g. a triathlon (he thinks it’s a marathon when i’ve told him it’s not). My lab results have been quite good so far and even tho my GFR has been around 20 for past 2 years, my creatinine has gone down a fair bit from it’s high of 300+ to 220.

I’ve been participating in mostly short distance triathlon races e.g. mini / sprints. My last race was olympic distance (a first time covering such a long distance) and given the distance i had to cover that day, I was dehydrated that day and fell sick during the race. I went to the A&E immediately after the race and got some lab tests done, and creatinine went up to 280 and some other markers as well e.g. WBC, Potassium (was consuming quite a lot of electrolytes that day). After a few days I saw my neph and we did some more tests and I was feeling better then, some of my results came back in my ‘normal’ (and acceptable) range and creatinine dropped to about 240. I’m being monitored closely but I’ve been warned not to do anymore endurance sports from now on which is a big blow to me. He is of the view that I’m overexerting myself which will harm my kidneys.

I would like to hear your opinion, especially if you are familiar with triathlons and also a condition like mine.