Hi doctor,

I used to have braces but my laziness and undisciplined self has made me very regretful. I believe I had an overbite condition and have removed 4 teeth previously during my braces treatment.

After not wearing my retainers regularly, my overbite condition returned, although not as serious as before. I am thinking of going through an Invisalign treatment to fix the problem again but am worried about the cost. So:

  1. I am wondering if the Invisalign treatment might not take as long as usual and hence lowering the cost?
  2. Would you advise that maybe a dentist would be sufficient for such cases? Since an orthodontist might charge higher.
  3. Is there any other alternatives that could help fix this problem?
  4. Will a polyclinic dentist be able to give me a referral for such cases, entitling me to subsidiaries? (I am guessing no)
  5. And, does going through teeth alignment twice weaken/loosen the teeth?

Thank you!