Catherine (anonymous)

Hi! I’m turning 20 soon and though my teeth have never disturbed me so much, they recently have started to. I never payed much attention but basically, my teeth aesthetically don’t look very good and I have heard oral caring is easier with straighter teeth. I have small gap in my upper from teeth and betweeny second and third upper teeth on the left side, I think I may be missing a teeth but I’m not sure because my gap seems big but if that is the case, what can I do? My right profile is fine but my left isn’t because of the gap. My bottom teeth are mostly ok, just very mild crowding but honestly they are good. Is Invisalign a good option for me? Considering it as it seems like a more convenient option. Was thinking if you had any idea for the rates and the treatment time for such a case. Only thing stopping me is the money would have to save up a ton. Thanks and do let me know!