I am 47 yrs old and I have been on contraceptive pills (Yasmin) for the past 10 yrs and recently I heard from friends that it is not advisable to take contraceptive pills for such a Long period as it is not good for my health. As such, I got worried and actually stopped taking it for the past 3 months and till today, my menstruation still has not come. I was abit silly to just go off the pills without seeking a doctor’s advise and am regretting it now.

Would really appreciate some advise on the above as I really feel now that I have gone off the pills, it’s causing me more stress. I don’t know when will my mens suddenly come (especially I travel quite abit and it will be such a hassle if my mens suddenly come and I am not prepared and am on the move).

It was so much easier when I was on the pills as I know exactly when my mens will come as soon as I finished my 28 days cycle pills. Also, me and my Husband have no intention of having any kids.

I did some information googling to see if it’s true that a person should not prolong contraceptive pills but there weren’t really a straightforward answer, hence, I would really need some professional advise from a doctor.

Is it true or false that taking Long term contraceptive will cause complications to a person’s health?

I really look forward to your advise. Thank you very much.