Hi Doctors,

I am a 20+yo male, with mild oily/sensitive skin. After coming back to Singapore from staying 6-months in Europe, my skin seemed to worsen. I then went on to visit a beauty salon and the beautician suggested extractions with different types of treatment (laser, chemical peel etc). After the first session, my skin seemed to improve a little, but after awhile, I started breaking out again. I then went back to the beauty salon, but this time round it didn’t seem to help a lot as I would break out again in a matter of few days. I’ve not gone back to the beauty salon since.

At this point, I am considering if I should visit a dermatologist. However, previous experiences (from both myself and my friends) seem to suggest that visiting a dermatologist would result in reliance on certain products, and if you stop using those products, you would break out worse. Some back story – 2 years ago, after unsatisfactory results from visiting the beauty salon, I went to a dermatologist in Toa Payoh. The products that I used helped to clear up my acne, although my skin seems to become a lot more sensitive after using those products (I get a itchy “heat rash” feeling on my face and sometimes over my body when my body feels “hot”). After I finished using the products, I stopped visiting since my acne had cleared up significantly. However, I experienced breakouts again just after about 6 months of not using their products.

Right now, I am using Dermatologica’s Clearing Facial wash. I would say I would still have frequent pop-outs of pimples/whiteheads, and there are a lot of scars/ pimples on my face – probably a case of moderate acne. I am exploring using natural remedies, such tomato/cucumber/lemon juice masks, but have not really embarked on using them. I am feeling pretty helpless and clueless now, so I’d greatly appreciate if I can have some inputs from here.

Many thanks!