I went for my pre-lasik assessment last week, for which the doctor assessed that I am a suitable candidate for bladeless lasik surgery (cornea thickness of 540, with myopia of 725 for left eye and 775 for right eye). However, my doctor did mention that I have dry eyes, but did not say that I am not suitable for the lasik surgery. I used to wear contact lenses for the past 6 years, for about 5-7 times a week, approximately 12 hours a day. I have laid off contact lenses for the past 2-3 weeks for the assessment, and during these 2-3 weeks, my eyes still at times feel dry, itchy and tired. I have sensitive eyes which turn red quite easily (e.g. at times after a shower, in the morning when I wake up).

  1. May I know if the lasik surgey is still suitable for me as it may cause prolonged dryness to my eyes, and
  2. Should I do further verification of my extent of dry eyes, before proceeding with my lasik surgery?

Thank you! 🙂