Hey docs! Thank you for this informative site!

Recently my mother experienced excruciating pain and stiffness on her right arm, from her fingers to her biceps. It seemed like a nerve pain, if that makes sense. She went for TCM treatment which helped her alleviate the pain a lot but it still mildly persists and is affecting her performance at work. I have a few concerns about this:

1. Firstly if TCM a good form of medical treatment. I’m worried that it only helps her to alleviate the pain when the root cause of the pain still persists and that it’s actually part of a larger problem.

2. We’re afraid that seeking a GP’s help would be a long and painful journey (cost factor included) trying to figure out the cause of her pain since it’s the first time it has ever happened and seems so mysterious. (Could it be one of those rare auto immune diseases that seems hard to detect?)

Thanks for all the help!