I’m still doing some online research to figure out where to seek treatment for severe acne but I’m a bit overwhelmed by the profusion of dermatology/aesthetic centers here and the wide-ranging prices. I’ve decided that I will only seek treatment with a medical doctor but It still really does sound like one would benefit from word of mouth in Singapore.

I’ve noticed that some skin doctors have the FAMS designation whereas others don’t. Is this like a board certification in the doctor’s specialty (in this case dermatology)? In your professional opinion, do you think it makes a difference when it comes to treating a condition like severe acne, considering they might recommend potentially operator-dependent procedures like laser treatments? Or would a doctor (without FAMS) who’s had many years experience with the procedure(s) be comparable to an experienced person with the FAMS designation? I realize this may be a difficult question to answer but your opinion is appreciated.