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Hi, I have been on isotretinoin given by a GP, and while I do see some results I am bothered by the advice given and would like to seek a second opinion.

According to the doctor, acne occurs due to oil on the skin. And as such, all skin care products should be avoided. In fact his 3 golden rules are:

  1. Wash your das 4 times a day with the prescribed cleanser – This I do not follow for fear of drying out my skin; I only cleanse twice a day.
  2. Do not touch your face.
  3. Do not apply anything on your face. This includes moisturizer, makeup, sunscreen masks – anything.

I understand that isotretinoin increases sun-sensitivity and also causes dryness and wonder if his advice is accurate. In addition, can make up really cause acne? Or is it fine to wear it as long as you remove it thoroughly at the end of the day?