Hello doctors,

I’m going to turn 21 in a couple of months and been facing these issues for a couple of years.

I do not know whether it’s really depression, and an eating disorder which is caused by the stressful environment I’m living in.

I’ve seen and been to many psychiatrist, counsellors and therapist in the country. SGH, IMH, C&C, NUH, NTFGH, Gleneagles and many more but none has really helped much. I was always told that everything was stressed induced and things would get better but it never did.

I was prescribed with Fluoxetine/Prozac and Quetiapine to help with my insomnia which didn’t really help and my mum didn’t like the idea of me taking too much medication.

After years of seeing psychiatrist here and there my mum got tired and decided to stop the session. With the sessions and medications stopped things has gotten worst.

Doctors, can I ask what would your advise?