Hi Docs,

For past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing sore fingers (like muscle ache, not swollen red). I do not see any physical abnormabilities on my hands. This happens whenever I try to clench my fists tight. The most sore fingers are the pinky fingers of both hands. It is much worse in the morning or after using the computer for a long time (desk job) – usually when my fingers are spread out for a prolonged period I noticed. I try to massage my fingers but it does not work. However after clenching my fists for a while, the soreness will subside to a certain degree but they eventually come back almost immediately but to a lesser extent. My left pinky is the most sore. It all started with the sore bone of my left pinky (was thinking if it was due to my lifting actually). The one on the side of the hand running down the pinky finger – where the palm and end of pinky finger meet.

Is this arthritis? I’m not sure if this is scientifically proven or an old wives’ tale to suffer arthritis if you spend prolonged time in contact with water when you are young or drink a lots of cold water? I have a love for cold drinks.

I’m a 33 yr old guy who lifts heavy in the gym 4 times a week for around 4 years and don’t really eat unhealthy but I’m not a fitness freak that eats a super clean diet. I do avoid fast food though.

Would you be able to advise what kind of condition this is? What are the treatments available and what type of doctor specialises in this type of ‘problem’? Thank you.