I noticed that I tend to breakouts after holidays. The previous bad breakout was 2yrs back when I came back from Japan somewhere in October. The areas as described above, breakout into a string of continuous red itchy bumps with pus.

When to national skin centre for consultation, and was given some watery creams and cetaphil products to use. Subsided eventually and back to normal. I have somewhat combination skin where my tzone tends to be shiny by midday.

Came back from Bali end of February, and my skin now is constantly and continuously having string or red bumps and pimples at the described areas.

When to normal gp and was given mycin clindamycin lotion. It somehow reduces the bump sizes but the constant breakout is not entirely getting better. Sometimes I would used differin on some larger bumps.

My skin is fairly clear only with some visible  pores on nose. Only breakouts a little bit nearing to menstruation, and after that the skin is clear as ever.

But now it seems to be in this constant troubled state since February. What should I do?? Quite depressed with my skin conditions now. And now I actually do exercise 2-4times a week. Well my body is getting toner but my face not actually improving in any ways. My diet is quite healthy. HELP =(