Hi Dr. Ethan,

Thank you for sharing your LASIK experience at eagle eye, and I too am seriously considering the procedure done by Dr. Theng. I am, however, trying to figure out if getting LASIK done before medical school will be a good idea. I’ve read/heard mixed advice about this (considering the potential “eye strain” from studying that might lead to vision changes, or, from a different perspective, the convenience and overall “good feeling” that comes about with freedom from glasses). While trying to withhold my eagerness and desperation for this freedom – which have been suppressed for years – I’m wondering what your thoughts on this are as a physician and former medical student. In hindsight, would you have done LASIK as a student? And, equally important, if yes, what might be a good time frame (for rest & recovery) between LASIK and the start of medical school? Thank you for your friendly advice.