Dear Doctor, last December I went to Sydney and came back with rashes on my legs. My GP diagnosed it as sandflies bites. He gave me some cream and oral medication. The itch stopped and rashes healed.

However, throughout the entire 2017 I experienced rashes breakouts on my feet, leg, arm, neck and body for no apparent reason. I do not have sensitive skin prior to sandflies bites incident. I went to same GP again 3 weeks ago and asked him whether the sensitivity of my skin and the rashes breakout are indirectly a result of the sandflies bites. He said a person who had been bitten by sandflies tend to have more sensitive reaction to allergens. And because I also have sensitive nose and prone to sinusitis, he said it makes the matter worst. He gave me Cetrizin and asked me to take for a couple of months to stabilise my body’s overreaction to allergens.

I have taken Cetrizin for 3 weeks. I am still experiencing sudden rash and itch on different parts of my body. Are you able to advise me? Thank you for your time.