Dear doctors, could I please seek your opinions on suitable treatment for skin pigmentation after giving birth some time ago?

My skin is fair, and I have found these pigmentation marks on my face to be rather unsightly. I am terribly confused by all the laser treatments offered by beauty spas/medical aesthetics and aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

I have seen frequent advertisements for spas who claim on their website that they use the best machine and technology. The available types of treatment also appear to be the same as that offered by clinics, but cheaper.

What does it mean when the spas claim that their treatment is “doctor-designed” or “doctor-approved”? Because when I went to their outlet, the manager claimed that there was no doctor on duty.

I am worried that my pigmentation will get worse as I heard some stories from my friends who developed worse discolouration of the skin after going for a skin laser treatment. Please advice. Thank you.