Sir Anchor-man (anonymous)

Hello Doctor, I have been diagnosed with anterior ankle impingement on my right foot. It was caused by over running in the army. The pain has lasted almost a year now and I finally decided to get it check. From the MRI scan, there are no bony spurs or visible deformities. It is not bothering me too much on my daily activities but still, it does cause some discomfort when I run/do sports.

For past treatments, I had a cortisone steroid injection 2 months back. The pain becomes much more bearable, albeit still present. I even stopped running for 2 months to let it heal but the healing has stagnated. What should I do? Should I go for another injection to see if the pain fully goes away? Or should I try alternative medicine like TCM? I wonder if those ‘tui na’ massage are of any help. Please offer me some scientific/non-scientific advice. 🙂