I generally have clear skin. Never had an acne/pimple issue despite being extremely gross and nonchalant about facial hygiene….up until recently. I started picking at my pores compulsively when I was in college but my nail marks always healed and I would start digging into my skin again. Recently, however, my skin has been taking a longer time to recover from the nail marks. Whats worse, I don’t know if introducing sunscreen has got anything to do with the appearance of big, burly, menacing white heads or if its nocebo. I wanna start using acids to slough everything off and kinda “start again” but I cant get them otc and my doctor won’t prescribe any retinol. The guys at sephora wouldn’t recommend them either although they tested an activated vitamin c treatment on my hand after much insistence. But my skin started turning red within the first minutes. Im basically pretty lost right now and I dont know where to start. Any recommendations?