I am 64 years old & I suffer from hearing loss in both ears for more than 20 years & have been wearing hearing aids for some time.

Recently, I suffered vertigo with nausea on 10 May. I recovered after taking “Merislon” tablets (3 times) for that day. The next day I was alright.

On 12 June, I had a short episode of dizziness which is akin to vertigo (without nausea) but managed to sleep it off.

On 15 June 2015 I again felt dizzy for a short while in the evening & again when I laid down to sleep.

I have seen my GP who has written a referral letter for me to consult with any ENT specialist. He has advised me to go to either TTSH or GH.

Someone else commented that I should see a neurologist.

May I have your view.