Hello, I am so happy and thankful you offer this free service. I suffer from acne since the age of 15 and from age 19 I started taking Antibiotics (Doxicyclin) which worked well for me at that time. However, as soon as I stopped taking it the acne came back worse than before. Ever since I was constantly on and off Antibiotics until they stopped working for me due to resistances. Once they stopped working my acne came back worse than ever before. I then went to a dermatologist who prescribed me Isotretinoin. Since 17th of May this year I haven been taking the following doses of Isotretinoin:

29 days 20mg per day
5 days 10mg
55 days 40mg
46 days every second day 20mg

TOTAL DOSE taken so far: 3.27g

My acne is completely gone and my face clearer than ever before. There are only scars left that slowly fade away. I had two blood tests done so far and the results were fine. I also don’t notice side effect except on dry lips.

Now I wonder whether I should stop taking the medication, take it further or gradually lower the dose.
I am concerned that I will have a relapse, especially because I am still far away from the total dose of 100-120mg that most people take and I heard that the risk of a relapse is higher when people haven’t reached the cumulative dose of100mg.

I am not planning to get pregnant any time soon, so would it make sense to continue taking the medication on long term on a low dose until a higher cumulative dose is reached? Or shall I slowly lower the dose slowly?
Currently I am taking 20mg every second day, so perhaps I can take only 2 pills per week for a month, then 1 pill per week, etc?
Would that lessen the risk of a relapse? Thank you for your advice.

Yours sincerely,